RF-SMART® is the #1 automated data collection (ADC) and RFID solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. RF-SMART provides a robust array of barcoding and RFID functionality that delivers measurable improvements in inventory and order accuracy, manufacturing efficiency, worker productivity and bottomline performance.

RF-SMART offers proven, configurable functionality for all supply-chain functions: Trade & Logistics, WMS I, WMS II, Carton Processing, Pallet Processing, Production, Shop Floor Control, Projects, Compliance Labeling, Warehouse Intelligence, and Voice-enabled Functionality.

In addition to supporting a vast majority of AX manufacturingwarehousing, and retail inventory management functionality out-of-the-box, RF-SMART also adds functionality to AX without requiring any AX modifications. Some examples are automated replenishment, random cycle counts and carton packing. This approach maximizes the functional value of your core AX investment, reduces your cost of IT capability and helps you keep your AX as “vanilla” as you want it.