"ABS really understands our business! They know what it's like to deal with the big box retailers and all of the complexity that it brings."

- CEO of a Ohio-based Manufacturer of Packaged Plumbing Supplies

The Consumer and Packaged Goods Industries span a variety of traditional manufacturing disciplines. Whether you're in perishable packaged goods or large durable goods environment, Agility Business Solutions understands your industry's needs. Some of the systems' requirements that we typically see in the consumer and packaged goods industry are:

  • Sophisticated pricing structures
  • Strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which integrates seamlessly with production scheduling
  • Strong, flexible warehousing capabilities with strong bar-coding and RFID technologies
  • Powerful advanced scheduling with sophisticated "capable-to-promise" capabilities
  • Robust functionality for tracking returns

The professionals at Agility Business Solutions have worked with a wide variety of Consumer and Packaged Goods suppliers. If you'd like to learn more about Agility Business Solutions products and services for your industry, contact us today.

Consumer and Packaged Goods